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Смесителен пулт RCF L-PAD 10C
Смесителен пулт RCF L-PAD 10C
Смесителен пулт RCF L-PAD 10C

Смесителен пулт RCF L-PAD 10C

Производител: RCF
Цена: 332,00 лв.

10 канален миксер RCF L-PAD 10C


4 mono INPUT + 4 stereo INPUT

2 Compressors (Ch. 1-2)

3band/2band EQ

1 AUX send

External PSU 18V~ 1000mA


With four transparent sound mic inputs, four stereo line inputs and the 2tk in/out, L-PAD 10C is the ideal tool for duo/trio gigs, speech, background music diffusion, parties and all activities requiring several stereo inputs to be mixed. Two single-control compressors on mic channels help to handle even the more dynamic complex signals. The super versatile L-PAD slot permits the optional L-PAD MP3 PLAYER, PLAYER/RECORDER or BLUETOOTH CONNECTION cards to be inserted for even more flexible use. Thanks to the accurate Italian design L-PAD 10C is easy to grab, transport and handle in all live situations. It is possible to install L-PAD 10C on a mic stand thanks to the dedicated optional accessory or in a rack using the dedicated optional rack ears.

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