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Микрофонен кабел Sommer Cable 2x0.22mm²

Микрофонен кабел Sommer Cable 2x0.22mm²

Производител: Adam Hall
Цена: 2,40 лв.

Sommer Cable 2x0.22mm²


One thick coat...

will protect the interior against mechanical wear, e.g. pulling, tugging and knotting.
For this reason we equipped the STAGE 22 with a thick outer jacket of 0.252 in.
Also the electrical data and the technical construction are worth taking a look at:
The STAGE 22 offers low capacity and high bending cycles with fine and dense individual stranding. 


The shielding made of polished copper wires is 99 % optically opaque (instead of the usual 85 %). 

Thus the STAGE 22 is the ideal cable for stage, home recorder, the leasing agent, and the installation technician. 


The STAGE 22 is a very affordable cable with no need to compromize.



  • High transmission quality due to the use of fine stranding

  • Very robust due to the thick, soft PVC-jacket

  • Good protection due to the dense copper spiral shielding

  • High flexibility makes it easy to wind

  • Very affordable price



  • Stage application

  • Home recording

Jacket Diameter

6.4 mm


2 x 0,22 mm

Copper Strand No.

28 x 0,10 mm




copper spiral shielding with 0.10 mm individual strand

Shielding Factor

99 percent

Working Temperature

min -20 degree C - max 70 degree C

Fire Load

0.22 kWh


55 g per Metre

Standard Length

100 m roll

Conductor Resistance

< 87 Ohm per km

Shield Resistance


Insulation Resistance

> 1 GOhm per km

Capacitance Cond./Cond.

68 pF per Metre

Capacitance Cond./Shield

130 pF per Metre

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