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Микрофонен кабел Procab 2x0.23mm²
Микрофонен кабел Procab 2x0.23mm²
Микрофонен кабел Procab 2x0.23mm²

Микрофонен кабел Procab 2x0.23mm²

Висококачествен балансиран микрофонен кабел Procab MC305.
Производител: PROCAB
Цена: 1,80 лв.


The MC305 is a high quality microphone cable for indoor and outdoor use.
The cable has a highly flexible jacket made of PVC and is easy to handle.
Two insulated and twisted conductors of 0.23mm² are provided inside the cable.
The durable shielding gives an excellent protection against interference of all kinds,
such as electromagnetic fields caused by dimmers, motors or power cables.
The MC305 is an “all-round” microphone cable with an O.D of 6 mm and is suited for all kinds of applications where reliable signal transmission is needed.
The MC305 is available in 5 different colours, black, white, red, green and blue for easy tracking and recognition.


General Specifications


Type of cable : Balanced microphone cable

Inner conductor : 2 x BC 20 x 0.12 mm

Inner conductor section : 0.23 mm²

Isolation : LDPE ø 1.4 mm

Isolation colour : Red / White

Number of conductors : 2

Conductor twisting : Yes

Shielding : BC 64 x 0.12 mm - Spiral

Shielding % : 100%

Filling : Cotton yarn

Separator : None

Outer jacket : Flexible PVC

Outer jacket colour : Black / White / Green / Blue / Red

Outer jacket dimensions : ø 6 mm

Printing colour : White or Grey

Printing text : Procab MC305

Lead resistance - 100 meter : 7.9 Ohm

Cable crosstalk - 100 meter : Min 73.3 dB

Cap. Lead to lead - meter @ 1 kHz : 63 pF

Cap. Lead to shielding - meter @ 1 kHz : 115 pF

American Wire Gauge (AWG) : 24

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